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The Redcliffe Radio Club is known as one of the best training establishments for Amateur Radio Licenses in Queensland, and has a number of qualified WIA Assessors as members of the club. The experienced training team have assisted an extensive number of Hams toward their license.

The club is also set up as an exam centre with the Nominated Assessor for Queensland as one of the clubs life members.

The club provides training to students for:

  1. Practical Exam
  2. Foundation Written Exam
  3. Standard Written Exam
  4. Advanced Written Exam
  5. Regulations Written Exam


Foundation License (F-Call):

This license enables the student to transmit on a restricted set of frequencies with a restricted power output. To obtain this license a candidate must pass the practical assessment and the Foundation written examination. Callsigns are allocated in the format VK, (0-9) indicating which state you are in, F for foundation, and three other letters (A-Z, A-Z, A-Z). e.g. VK4FAAA would be a Qld F-Call station.  

Standard License:

If the candidate has passed the practical assessment, then they need to pass the Standard Written Exam and the Regulations Exam. If the  practical has not been passed, the candidate will need to sit that also. This license allows the candidate to transmit on a few more frequencies than the Foundation License and to increase the power out on some bands. The callsign format is VK, (0-9) for the state, one of the following letters; H,L,M,N,P,V, and two other letters(A-Z, A-Z), e.g. VK2HAA would be a NSW Standard callsign.

Advanced License:

A candidate must pass the Advanced Written exam as well as the Regulations exam. If the practical assessment has not been passed, the candidate will also have to do the practical exam. This license allows the operator to transmit on all available Amateur Radio frequencies with the maximum allowable power for each mode and band. Callsigns can be three or two letter, e.g. VK3AAA or VK3AA. The two letter call sign is only available to Advanced operators and is commonly known as a vanity callsign.

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Meetings & Nets

Club House is open every Monday evening from 6:30pm

Note: new schedule as of March 2021

  • 1st Monday - General Chit-Chat
    2nd Monday - Fox Hunt
    3rd Monday - Business Meeting
    4th Monday - Tech Talk
    5th Monday - General Chit-Chat

And also open

  • Wednesday mornings from 9am to 12pm (every fourth Wednesday is partners day)
  • Friday night projects from 7.30pm to 9pm
  • Saturday mornings from 9am to 12pm


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Saturday evening

7.00PM - 2 metre FM repeater - 146.925 MHz (-600kHz offset) - 91.5 Hz CTCSS required - IRLP 6404, Echolink 44666

Informal net for testing and asking questions, members often QSY to other frequencies to test equipment.

Sunday evening

7.00PM - 2 metre FM repeater - 146.925 MHz (-600kHz offset) - 91.5 Hz CTCSS required - IRLP 6404, Echolink 44666

Tuesday evening

8.30PM - 2m SSB net - 144.300 MHz (USB) - 432.300 (USB) afterwards

Wednesday evening

7.30PM - Trivia Quiz - 70cm repeater - 438.325 MHz (-5MHz offset) - 91.5 Hz CTCSS required - IRLP 6400, Echolink 4464

Thursday evening

7.30PM - 80 metres - 3636 kHz +/- QRM (LSB)