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Wamuran - VK4RRC - coverage Brisbane North, Caboolture, Bribie Island and Caloundra


10 metre beacon - 28.265 MHz CW and OOW

Modified FM828 with custom controller by Doug, VK4ADC

Stationmaster vertical - approx 10 W


53.625 MHz FM
Offset: -1Mhz
Tone: none
Echolink node: n/a
IRLP node: n/a
Repeater: Philips FM828 G band modified (18W)
Cavity filters: Modified commercial
Antenna: Homebrew J-Pole

146.925 MHz FM
Offset: -600kHz
Tone: requires 91.5Hz CTCSS for access; 91.5Hz tone provided temporarily unavailable on output
Echolink node: 44666 temporarily misbehaving
IRLP node: 6404
Repeater: Spectra Engineering MX920 (25W) temporary Philips FM814
Cavity filters: Telewave
Antenna: Homebrew back-to-back yagi TX/RX pair
Status: ONLINE

438.325 MHz FM
Offset: -5MHz
Tone: requires 91.5Hz CTCSS for access; no tone on output
Echolink node: 4464 OFFLINE
IRLP node: 6400 OFFLINE
Repeater: Spectra Engineering MX920 (20W)
Cavity filters: Homebrew
Antenna: RFI binary array
Status: ONLINE

438.675 MHz D-Star
Offset: -7MHz
Repeater: Icom ID-RP4000V (25W) (donated by Icom Australia)
Controller: Icom ID-RP2C (donated by Icom Australia)
Gateway: G4KLX ircDDB software running on a Raspberry Pi B
Cavity filters: RFI (donated by Arnold VK4SU)
Antenna: Mono-band collinear
Status: ONLINE


Mt Glorious - VK4RBN - coverage most of South East Qld and Northern NSW to Ballina

147.000 MHz FM
Offset: -600kHz
Tone: no tone required for access; 91.5Hz tone provided on output
Echolink node: 888046
IRLP node: 6403
Repeater: Hytera RD982 (25W)
Cavity filters: Sinclair
Antenna: 4 x folded dipole array
Status: ONLINE





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Meetings & Nets

Club House is open every Monday evening from 6:30pm

Note: new schedule as of 2018!

1st Monday - General Chit-Chat
2nd Monday - Fox Hunt
3rd Monday - Business Meeting
4th Monday - Tech Talk
5th Monday - General Chit-Chat


And also open Wednesday mornings from 9am to 12pm

Wednesday mornings have been suspended due to the COVID 19 pandemic

Click here for Clubhouse location


Sunday evening

7.00PM - 2 metre FM repeater - 146.925MHz (-600kHz offset) - 91.5 Hz CTCSS required - IRLP 6404, Echolink 44666

Wednesday evening

7.30PM - Trivia Quiz - 70cm repeater - 438.325 (-5MHz offset) - 91.5 Hz CTCSS required - IRLP 6400, Echolink 4464

8.00PM - 2m repeater - ATV net - for vision tune your STB to 446.5MHz DVB-T (point your antenna towards Oceanview)