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2m Echolink Node # 44666
2m IRLP Node # 6404

70cm Echolink Node # 4464
70cm IRLP Node # 6400

2m Echolink Node # 888046
2m IRLP Node # 6403

Don't know much about Echolink or IRLP?

Node numbers are listed at the websites, for IRLP just punch in the desired number (ANNOUNCE YOUR INTENTIONS FIRST!), for Echolink prefix the node number with an asterix (*).  To disconnect, use '73'. 

Take a look a the following website and load up your own Echolink node software on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

RDRC Echolink site details

Call Description Node Latitude Longitude Grid Freq Tone Power HAAT Antenna Status
VK4RBN-R Brisbane, Qld, Au 888046 27°23.61' S 153°00.65' E QG62mo 147.000   25 80 3dB Omni ONLINE
VK4RRC-R Wamuran, Qld, Au  4666  27°02.13' S  152°49.17' E  QG62jx 438.325 91.5hz 25 640 3db Omni OFFLINE
VK4RC-R Wamuran, Qld, Au 44666 27°02.13' S 152°49.17' E QG62jx 146.925   25 640 3dB Omni OFFLINE


VK4RBN-R uses a 25 watt link between Stafford Heights and Mt Glorious.

VK4RRC-R uses a 25 watt link between Stafford Heights and Wamuran.

VK4RC-R uses a 25 watt link between Aspley and Wamuran.

Feel free to offer any feedback (or beer) to your EchoIRLP sysops Shaun VK4FY (VK4RC 2m) and Andrew VK4HAH (VK4RBN 2m, VK4RRC 70cm) who strive to dedicate their time and effort (and own money) in providing professional carrier grade 24x7 EchoIRLP functionality for the club and all amateur operators.

Want to know how we did it?

Stay tuned for a technical presentation on the trials and tribulations of setting up the Raspberry Pi for EchoIRLP....

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Meetings & Nets

Club House is open every Monday evening from 6:30pm

Note: new schedule as of 2018!

1st Monday - General Chit-Chat
2nd Monday - Fox Hunt
3rd Monday - Business Meeting
4th Monday - Tech Talk
5th Monday - General Chit-Chat


And also open Wednesday mornings from 9am to 12pm

Click here for Clubhouse location


Sunday evening

7.00PM - 2 metre FM repeater - 146.925MHz (-600kHz offset) - 91.5 Hz CTCSS required - IRLP 6404, Echolink 44666

Wednesday evening

7.30PM - Trivia Quiz - 70cm repeater - 438.325 (-5MHz offset) - 91.5 Hz CTCSS required - IRLP 6400, Echolink 4464

8.00PM - 2m repeater - ATV net - for vision tune your STB to 446.5MHz DVB-T (point your antenna towards Oceanview)


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