Welcome to the website of the Redcliffe and Districts Radio Club. 

The club aims to provide an environment to promote radio and electronics as an enjoyable hobby for all. We are fortunate to have our own building and have just finished updating our facilities after receiving grants from the Gaming Commission and Redcliffe City Council.


The club is open to all those with an interest in radio and electronics, and also offers training in radio, electronics and communications theory and practice. 

Feel free to join us at the clubrooms at 7:30pm each monday night and every second Wednesday at 9:00am (see links on the left of the page for more details) or click here to check out our calendar.

This website is one of the main sources of information for the club and we would like it to contain as much useful information as possible.


 If you have any suggestions of would like to make a comment, please contact the webmaster or feel free to sign our guest book (below).

The pages are updated regularly, so please check back often to see what is happening around the club.

If you are interested in joining the RDRC, come on down to the club, visitors are always welcome!

A membership application form can be downloaded by clicking here.


If you are using a decent browser, then the IRLP node status will be displayed on the EchoIRLP status page.

Upcoming Events:

Redfest - 5th October 2013
More Info

Redcliffe and Districts Radio Club AGM - this Monday 10th June!
The Redcliffe and Districts Radio Clubs AGM is scheduled for this Monday, 10th June.  The club opens its doors before 7pm each Monday night.  Be there, and add your voice to the directoin of the club this year!  Note:  While anyone can have their say, only Financial members will be able to vote.

Harry Angel contest - 2013

The Harry Angel contest report is now available on the website and can be found at the bottom of the Harry Angel contest page on the side menu.  A link directly to the report can be found here

Microwave Test/Tune up day - 21st April at 9am at the club house
There was a Microwave Test/Tune up day later this month.  This is a rare opportunity to use test gear up to 26GHz, return loss measurement,  spectrum analysis, noise measurements up to 2GHz, signal generators up to 32 GHz.  The group will also setup a 10GHz antenna test range in the park.

A video of some amateurs running microwave is available on youtube here
If you want to see last years tune up, you can find it on Youtube under VK4GHZ channel.  Part 1 is here, and Part 2 is here.

General meeting - This Monday night (8th April) at 7:45pm
The GM is on this Monday at the club house.  All Members invited to attend to have your say and be involved in the future of your club.
An email was sent to all active members describing the Notices of Motion to be tabled at the meeting. 

John Moyle Field day
The John Moyle Field day was a success for the club, with 957 contacts and 2234 points.  A huge thank you to those that helped to setup, operate and pull down the site.  It could not have run without your assistance!

Two videos have been released of the John Moyle field day.

Firstly is a QSO with a VK1 station - watch it on youtube here

Secondly, Peter VK4EA produced a video of the weekend - Watch it here to see how the field day was setup, and those that participated

March Tech Talk
Link for the Radio Mobile Online: www.cplus.org/rmw/english1.html
Once registered, use the "New Site" tab to create a few sites then use the "New LInk" tab to examine the radio path between your sites

Planning has commenced for the JOTI / JOTA weekend at Murrenbong on the weekend of the 20/21st of October.  This is one of the major events for the year on the club calendar.  Peter VK4EA is the coordinator this year.  If you are interested in helping, please contact him and ask how you can help!!

AGM - 18th June 
The AGM was held at the club house on the 18th of June. It was great to see so many people attend and particpate in this important event.  There were quite a few rare DX people wondering the club house!!
A huge thank you to those that stood up and accpeted roles on the committee :D

Harry Angel Sprint - May 5th 2012
The Harry Angel sprint date and rules are now available online.  Kevin Johnston (VK4UH) is Contest manager.  You can find the details under the "Whats on" page on this website.

The 2012 John Moyle Field day
Another successful, albiet wet John Moyle field day.
Thank you to all those that participated that weekend!

Club AGM is on the 20th June - All welcome to attend and have your say!

Its that time of the year again where we have to elect the 2011/2012 comittee.  If you wish to nominate for a position, bring up something to discuss or just hear on how the club is fairing, then come along.  For nomination forms, please contact the club secretary.

Harry Angel sprint - 28th May
The Harry Angel sprint is on again this year on the 28th May.  This contest runs for 106 minutes, and is great for foundationers and long term operators alike to practice their contesting skills.   Will anyone beat Charlie (VK4YZ) this year???!!!

John Moyle Field Day

A HUGE, HUGE thanks to those that braved the rain and mud to visit  Murrenbong for this years John Moyle Field day contest!   It was incredible how wet the site was by Sunday morning.  

This years John Moyle field day saw only the die-hard camping enthusiests out at Murrenbong campsite all weekend.  But, the persistance to enjoy the weekend and operate in the spirit of the contest meant those that participated made enough contacts for the club to win the contest in the All mode, HF category!

Tech Talks
 A Tech talk schedule is now in the "Whats On" page.  Check it out now!

  • WICEN Information form. Please support the clubs WICEN initiative by providing the requested info in the linked form! 
    Click here for the WICEN form.
  • Latest Club News:


    Titanic Certificate Merit Presentation 

    Yesterday Bevan (VK4BCM) presented a  Certificate of Merit on behalf of FISTS International to Roger Dunn VK4ZLQ Secretary of the Redcliffe & District Amateur Radio Club during a club meeting.  The Redcliffe amateurs were 100% supportive of the Titanic event to the point that it would not have been possible without their enthusiastic participation.   Some members who were not CW operators also supported us with logistics, setting up & dismantling, transport and general public relations during the event.

    This acknowledgement from FISTS will be proudly displayed in the main room of the Club rooms.
    Bevan McAleer FISTS 9053 VK4BCM

    Winter VHF-UHF Field Day results (2012):
    The Redcliffe and Districs Radio Club won first place in the  Multi operator, 8 Hrs, with a score of 1086 points.  Congratulations to the team that participated in the contest!!!  A reminder the Sprint VHF-UHF field day is scheduled for the 24/25th November. 

    Photo albums updated with happy snaps from the recent National Field Day in Redcliffe.

    The JOTA camp at Murrenbong was held on the weekend of the 16th/17th October.  A very busy weekend for all involved even with 
    the rain and wind reducing the number camping onsite.  An awesome effort by Glenn and team planning and preparing for this 

    The results for the John Moyle  Contest are out!  We placed second within the multioperator, HF  category.

    Congratulations to Charlie (VK4YZ) who took first place in the Harry Angel Sprint.

    Coverage predictions for our 2m repeater can be found under Repeaters and Nets.

    Checked out the new EchoIRLP page?  It features near real-time updates on the status of the clubs Echolink and IRLP services.  Check it out!

    The club provides a free email account (or alias) to all members e.g. callsign@redclifferadioclub.org.au. Accounts and aliases can be setup on Monday nights at the club or send youir request to the webmaster

    The club is now running Echolink and IRLP on the 2m repeater.  Click here for more details and instructions for using the new system.


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