RDRC are fortunate to have their own premises, which allowed members to modify the interior to suit the Club's needs.

Equipment available is

- Codan SRx Land Mobile radio and high speed STANANG 5066 data modem

- Yaesu FT1000MP MkV

- Amateur Television Station (FM - 1283MHz)

- Icom IC2200H 2m FM radio with DStar

- APRS station and digipeater

- UHF and 27MHz CB

- various emergency services monitoring (SES, QFRS, QPS)

- Marine VHF and 27MHz

The executive is keen to know what the membership want from their Club Station, please participate in the forum discussion

To date the room is 80% functional with the following works planned, funds permitting.

- finish antenna patch panel

- install solid amplifier with dedicated battery

- replace power supply with 40A switchmode 3 stage battery charger

- acquire and implement PACTOR modem (Winlink)

- acquire VHF/UHF SSB/FM radio

- acquire 6m FM radio

- acquire 2m/70cm FM radio

- acquire HF/6m SSB/FM radio

- install LED lighting