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The Club has actively participated is this event, being the main field activity. The field day is designed to test the portable operation capability of an organisation. The key intent is to get out into the bush somewhere and operate many bands without mains power.

The contest rules provide an excuse for a contest between Clubs and Individuals to get out and do something.

Historically RDRC have operated multiband stations, and lately have specialised in HF all mode, 24 hours operation. The last three years the Club has secured a place in that category.

The technical challenges of operating 6 QRO stations within a 800 metre radius, with minimal interference is formidable. Over the years we have experimented with various antenna systems, starting with basic dipoles moving up to mono-band full size yagis for 20, 15 and 10 metres. One year we tried a 1/4 ballon carried vertical for 160m! Pity we used a bit of helium the night before for some crazy operating :-)

We have managed to curb most of the phase noise and harmonic related interference using a combination of stub filters and Dunestar bandpass filters. The excellent publication by Inrad - Managing Interstation Interference became our bible. A highly recommended publication.

A bit of an idea of how we operate is here at the Club's Youtube channel @ redclifferadioclub



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Meetings & Nets

Club House is open every Monday evening from 6:30pm

Note: new schedule as of March 2021

  • 1st Monday - General Chit-Chat
    2nd Monday - Fox Hunt
    3rd Monday - Business Meeting
    4th Monday - Tech Talk
    5th Monday - General Chit-Chat

And also open

  • Wednesday mornings from 9am to 12pm (every fourth Wednesday is partners day)
  • Friday night projects from 7.30pm to 9pm
  • Saturday mornings from 9am to 12pm


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Saturday evening

7.00PM - 2 metre FM repeater - 146.925 MHz (-600kHz offset) - 91.5 Hz CTCSS required - IRLP 6404, Echolink 44666

Informal net for testing and asking questions, members often QSY to other frequencies to test equipment.

Sunday evening

7.00PM - 2 metre FM repeater - 146.925 MHz (-600kHz offset) - 91.5 Hz CTCSS required - IRLP 6404, Echolink 44666

Tuesday evening

8.30PM - 2m SSB net - 144.300 MHz (USB) - 432.300 (USB) afterwards

Wednesday evening

7.30PM - Trivia Quiz - 70cm repeater - 438.325 MHz (-5MHz offset) - 91.5 Hz CTCSS required - IRLP 6400, Echolink 4464

Thursday evening

7.30PM - 80 metres - 3636 kHz +/- QRM (LSB)